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Cherry Picker Hire Prices

Cherry Picker Hire Prices

When you are working on a non-traditional job it is best to use a piece of non-traditional equipment. So when you are working with scaffolding or painting the trim of your house, a simple ladder will not be enough support to help you get the job done safely. For these types of jobs, a cherry picker is the better option to choose because it can get the job done faster and easier while keeping you safe and steady too.

It does not matter if you are a construction worker, repairman or an individual working on their own home, a cherry picker can work for you. In most cases, purchasing a cherry picker simply does not fit into the budget you set aside to complete the project. This does not mean that you cannot still use a cherry picker to help you because there are many cherry picker hire companies in the UK that can make one available for you any day of the week.

Cherry Picker Hire Prices

The price of purchasing a cherry picker will run you into the thousands of pounds which is ultimately not a price most of us can afford. With a hire company, you will only have to pay the cherry picker hire prices for the days you need to use it. The cherry picker hire prices vary from company to company throughout the UK but the average cost per hour to use a cherry picker is roughly 30 to 75. This price depends on the size of the cherry picker you hire and if you need an operator for the lift or not.

Many jobs only require the use of a cherry picker for one or two days, in which case the hourly rates are the ones that you would use. There are some jobs though that takes weeks or even months to complete. When your job requires long-term use of the cherry picker then your cherry picker hire prices per hour will greatly be reduced. You can save as much as half off the regular price if you choose to hire a cherry picker on a weekly or monthly basis.

Training Requirements

If you want yourself or your workers to operate the cherry picker that your hire, they must have the correct amount of experience in operating cherry pickers. According to the UK law, anyone involved in the planning, operating or supervising of the cherry picker and anyone who plans on working on the cherry picker must be able to prove that they have proper experience. The best way to prove this is to have a CPCS (Construction Plant Competency Scheme) card.

If you or your staff do not have the right type of qualification many cherry picker hire companies offer training. They are able to train your staff and sometimes they will even come out to your worksite to provide the proper training. You may be limited to the number of staff that can be trained at one time but they will certainly be able to train enough to work on your project. The cherry picker hire prices for these trainings can range from 190 to 360 per person depending on the extent of training and how many days of training you want your staff to have.

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