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Cherry Picker Hire Insurance

Whether you need a cherry picker hire for a one time task or you have a need for a cherry picker for the longer term, there are a variety of cherry pickers available for hire. Some are more suited for a job than others. For that reason, there are a number of things to consider when making a decision about which cherry picker hire is right for your situation. Cherry picker hire insurance also depends on which cherry picker hire you choose.

What Type of Cherry Picker Hire?

There are several different types of cherry pickers. By choosing the right cherry picker hire, you will save time and money while ensuring that the job is done safely and correctly the first time. Assessing the needs of your business is a necessary first step.

Some cherry picker hires typically do not require a certified operator such as those described below. Cherry picker hire insurance on these types of cherry picker is often limited to the cherry picker itself and its replacement value in the event of an accident. Due to each company's policies differing, it is best to enquire about cherry picker hire insurance with the company you are planning to hire from.
  • Van mounted cherry pickers or truck mounted cherry pickers are suitable for lifting to great height while ensuring stability. This type of cherry picker enables you to move around more nimbly than some other types that are available. If you need to be able to manoeuver around while repairing power lines, for example, this type of cherry picker will meet that need.
  • On the other hand, scissor lifts are more suitable if you need to do work against a vertical surface, such as the side of a building. Having a platform that is a convenient place to place tools and the like, makes a scissor lift an ideal cherry picker hire when painting the inside or outside of a building. Often, a scissor lift's height is less than other types of cherry pickers.
  • Self propelled booms are often able to work in narrow areas. They are also ideal for when horizontal reach is needed as well as vertical reach. Controls that allow you to move the self propelled boom from the ground are also ideal.
With some further specialised cherry pickers, cherry picker hire insurance is more comprehensive due to the fact that a certified operator is needed for these cherry pickers.
  • Under bridge cherry pickers enable work to be completed in areas that require access under bridges. Great reach is also often needed for this type of work. Two operators are typically needed for these complex cherry pickers. This ensures the safety of everyone involved as well as meeting cherry picker hire insurance regulations.
  • Caterpillar track cherry pickers sometimes need a certified operator due to the specialised nature of this cherry picker. Suitable for construction site and other areas of uneven terrain, caterpillar track cherry pickers are often equipped with cherry picker hire insurance and a trained, certified operator.

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