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Cherry Picker Hire FAQs

Cherry Picker Hire FAQs

When it is time to repair the roof, clean out the gutter or renovate the house, the heights that you need to climb may be of a safety concern to you. Whether you are a construction worker or a home owner working on a do-it-yourself project, the use of a ladder to reach these high locations is not the most practical solution or the safest. The better alternative to help you complete you project would be to use a cherry picker.

Cherry Picker Hire Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of several different cherry picker hire FAQs that many people have when they are consider hiring a cherry picker. While this certainly is not a list of every cherry picker hire FAQs asked, it does cover the primary questions that are of a concern to most people. For any addition cherry picker hire FAQs you should have, you should ask the directly to your hire company.

Do I or my staff need training in order to operate a cherry picker?
According to the laws in the UK, everyone who is involved in planning, supervising or organising the use of a cherry picker, as well as those who will be working on a cherry picker must prove that they have the proper training and experience to do so. Many of the hire companies will provide the appropriate training for you and your staff for additional fees.

Do I have to transport the cherry picker or can my hire company deliver it?
You are able to choose as part of your hire contract if you want to pick up the cherry picker at the hire company's location or have them deliver it right to your worksite. It is more expensive to have them deliver it to your worksite but some people find this worth the extra costs.

Do I need to have insurance coverage on the cherry picker I hire?
Yes, under the law in the UK you will be responsible for carrying insurance coverage for the cherry picker you hire. The type of coverage you need will be different depending on if you hire a cherry picker operator or use your own operator. Hire companies can provide you with insurance coverage as part of your contract with them or you can add it to your own insurance.

How should I decide which cherry picker is best for my project?
The type of cherry picker that will be best for your jobs depends on the specific job that you need to have done. The height will be the most important factor because some cherry pickers work better at lower levels while others are better at higher levels. Once you know exactly what the job is you want to complete, a staff member of the hire company can look at your project plans and help you determine the perfect cherry picker for your job.

Do I need to purchase safety gear for me and my crew?
Many cherry picker hire companies do require anyone using the lift to use all of the necessary safety equipment including harnesses and hard-hats. You can either purchase this safety equipment yourself or you can rent it from your hire company. When budgeting for this hire service be sure to ask your hire company what all of the expenses are upfront and what is included in your contract. This will help you plan better for your project.

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