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Types of Cherry Pickers

If you are about to undertake a task that is of great height, the services of a cherry picker will probably be needed. There are many types of cherry pickers available and knowing what each of them is best at can help you to choose the right one for your situation.

Because cherry pickers are specialised equipment, finding the one best suited for your needs among all the types of cherry pickers will save you money, time, and headaches, and it could make a big difference in determining if a job is done completely and safely or not.

Van Cherry Pickers
  • Van cherry pickers are suitable for lifting to heights of about ten metres. These cherry pickers enable you to move around more easily than some other types that are available. If you need to be able to manoeuver around in between the branches of a tree, for example, this type of cherry picker is ideal. In addition, the enclosed van design enables you to carry needed equipment and keep it protected from the weather.
Truck Mounted Cherry Pickers
  • Much like van mounted cherry pickers, truck mounted cherry pickers are very manoeuverable and suitable for small spaces that require you to move around easily. Unlike a van mounted cherry picker, however, a truck mounted cherry picker offers a storage area that, whilst uncovered, can usually store more items.
Scissor Lifts
  • Scissor lifts, named for the scissor like design of the platform supports, are more suitable if you need to do work against a vertical surface, such as the side of a building. Many also have a platform that is convenient for tools or other equipment. For most scissor lifts, the maximum height that they can rise is less than some other types of cherry picker.
Self Propelled Booms
  • Self propelled booms combine the height reaching capabilities of other types of cherry pickers with the ability to manoeuver into tight spots. The self propelled aspect means that it is capable of working in very narrow and confined spaces because there is no large basket to be concerned about.
Under Bridge Cherry Pickers
  • Under bridge cherry pickers are designed to allow access to the underside of bridges. These cherry pickers provide the downward and inward reach needed to perform necessary bridge repair work or bridge maintenance work. Because under bridge cherry pickers are mounted on trucks, they can be driven with the lift extended. This enables the bridge work to be completed with ease and safety in mind.
Caterpillar Track Cherry Pickers
  • Designed to work in rough terrain, caterpillar track cherry pickers are suitable for construction sites. Because the caterpillar tracks on these cherry pickers are so rugged, they are the choice when working in places where dirt and mud are the primary ground cover.
Road Towable Cherry Pickers
  • Road towable cherry pickers are smaller and more compact than the other types of cherry pickers. Their small size, however, does not mean that they do not perform well with height. On the contrary, due to their smaller size, road towable cherry pickers are able to be used in small spaces that other types of cherry pickers are unable to accommodate.

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